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Calendar Course Format

This course format displays a course in a calendar format.


This repository allows users to record video, sound and take a photo WITHOUT a streaming server.


OOHOO Chairman is a Moodle-based administrative tool for managing committees, including, members, meetings, agendas (including minutes, business arising and motions), automatic and manual notifications, internal file manager, meeting scheduling.short desc

Course Search

This plugin does a search in all the content of a course.

OWLL OOHOO Web-based Language Lab

OWLL (OOHOO Web-based Language Lab) is a Moodle plugin replicating all functions of a traditional language lab, with added features that stem from its being web-based.

Pop-up Dictionary

OOHOO Pop-up Dictionary is a Moodle package that gives the students the possibility to double click on any word within a Moodle HTML resource and retrieve its definition from an online dictionary chosen by the teacher.

Speech Coach

OOHOO Speech Coach is a Moodle plugin that analyzes speech pattern in order to detect speech anomalies.

Tab Display

Display a Moodle page content in a tab format

Tab Topics Course Format

This course format displays each section in a tab.

TTS - Text To Speech

OOHOO Text to Speech is a Moodle block that gives the possibility to read outloud the content of a resource.